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Diving the Maldives. The islands are so far apart that this is THE perfect location for and Blue Label will guarantee only the most exclusive liveaboards in the Maldives for you.

Maldives ISlands

One of the many islands of the Maldives

The Maldives

Shining jems that scatter around the equator surrounded by turquoise blue sea, are the islands for dreamers, romantics and sun-basking beach devotees. The Maldives have become synonymous with tranquility, an easy life, peaceful surroundings, snorkeling in turquoise lagoons and diving to explore breathtaking reefs. It epitomizes beauty beyond one’s imagination – a paradise. A group of seductive islands ringed by magnificent beaches topped with sand like those in an hour glass, translucent warm water homed to brilliant variety of colourful fish amidst the tropical castaway qualities of tall swaying coconut palms and sunset horizon.

Blessed with warm temperature of 28-32 degrees Celsius all year round, the Maldives have become one of the most popular holiday destinations attracting hundred of thousands of new and returning visitors. Sanctuary for the new jet-setters includes incognito wealthy and celebrities who come in search of a fashionable and stylish vacation. The resorts and crystal clear lagoons tickling with majestic and luxury cruisers become home to those who embrace serene isolation amongst the comfort of natural beauty.

The Maldives forms an archipelago of 26 natural atolls comprising 198 inhabited and 991 uninhabited islands stretching over 820 kilometers north to south and 120 kilometers east to west. The islands are small and low-lying with neither rivers nor mountains. That being said, its plain geographical features appear like bubbles on the ocean horizon. Each island perpetually covered with fine pristine white sand. Each with a shallow lagoon, a harem for another mystical life beneath the water surface, surrounded by reefs of coral that danced under the warmth of the sun’s embrace, and glowing with perfection as it plunges into an infinite abyss. Even for poor swimmers, the lure of the calm waters becomes irresistible to behold.

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